$hure Money 


‚ÄčMy name is De'Kwan but i go by Shure or Jamal. I'm 22 currently but Dec 3rd i will be turning 23. Gastonia, NC is my home just a small town outside of Charlotte, NC either way 704 is the code. I'm an intellect misplaced in this world. I began writing poetry at 11yrs old. I started actually rapping in 2014 up in college my freshman year at App. State. I used to make music as therapy cause I'm a bit throwed off at times. I've lived both the street life and the school life and I've seen hell bro. Suicide attempts and all. Before my father passed away he started a small label under the name and logo of his favorite comic called MadMan Productions. My uncle passed me the throne and due to recent events I've made a turn in my vision in regards to my musical drive. I'm not just rapping just to rap and get famous. Hell idek if I'm trynna get rich off of it. It's just the only thing keeping me alive. So as long as music keeps me alive maybe I can reach someone just like me. Or even beyond. I didn't mean to write a book. I just love what i do and I'm telling my story and the stories of my people in hopes to enlighten and bring the true art of hip hop back to the game

  • When U Find; The Root (FT. Savage Mugen)3:44
  • 3:38
  • Mighty33:05